Corsair CRYSTAL_680X How to … Remove the Front Cover

First the New Year celebrations, then spring cleaning …

My Corsair CRYSTAL_680X computer case was in dire need of some dusting and cleaning, especially the filters. Everything went smoothly and only the three front fans remained – with a thick coat of dust on the outside of the filter.

But how to open the front? No obvious way.
No problem, I thought, let’s look at the manual! And indeed there is a picture that says „removing the front bezel“. Unfortunately, all it shows is how the case looks with the front removed. No information on HOW to remove the front.

Many trials and errors later – and a great idea from Jared – I’ve finally figured out the whole procedure. The first step needs both courage and brute force:

Step 1: Front – Right Side

Grab the right side from underneath and pull!

Step 2: Front – Glass Panel – Right Edge

There are four small Phillips screws, you need a #1 size screwdriver for them

Step 3: Front – Glass Panel – Left Edge

Now you have to open the left side of the case (the glass door). The screws that hold the front are a bit larger now – size 2. Careful, do not touch the other large screws, those are for the fan assembly.

Autor: Helmut Saueregger

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